You will have a very tasty cookie.

21 Oct

Well, here’s a clever idea someone should’ve thought of sooner: chocolate fortune cookies, as served at the cookieRestaurant Changsho in Porter Sq.

The meal itself was forgettable (and pricey)—Mongolian beef made with cheap meat, shrimp lettuce cups that reminded me of Chinese food circa 1989. But they do have a way with dumplings, so you might want to just try it for a snack.

But then, we didn’t really go for the food.  We went for gossip! A couple of weeks ago, there was a massive traffic jam on Massachusetts Avenue brought on by a barreling motorcade of black SUVs, limos, and police cars. In unison, the police cars spun halfway around, blocking off a quarter-mile stretch so the SUVs and limos could make AN ILLEGAL U-TURN and double-park in front of Changsho. Can you imagine! Making a U-turn on Mass Ave. and double-parking in front of a cop without getting pulled over.

Anyway, Someone Very Important was clearly stopping in for lunch after a Harvard visit, but we were perplexed. Why would such an important person be lunching there?  And who was in town? Not Obama. Not the Dalai Lama. Once we started crawling again, we tried to crack the window and ask a cop, but he yelled at us for, uh, stopping traffic.

According to Changsho’s very gracious maitre d’, it was Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Apparently, his secretary showed up at the restaurant the night before, after closing time, to inspect the kitchen and inform the staff that they were to be visited by a head of state in 12 hours. No pork, please.

And here’s an interesting fact: President Yudhoyono travels with a personal physician who tastes all his food before he eats it.


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