News and Rumors

21 May

Had an interesting conversation with one of Boston’s most personable chefs earlier this week. He had some exciting industry gossip to share.

1) Ken Oringer and Jamie Bissonette were recently looking at restaurant space in Davis Square. Doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily open up anything in that part of town, but how cool would that be? Maybe a second branch of Toro?

1) Ever wonder where Pino Maffeo of Restaurant L and the ill-fated Boston Public ended up? I had heard rumors of New York, but at the moment he’s cooking at an Italian restaurant in Winchester. [ADDED 5/24: IT’S LUCIA RISTORANTE). Between this and Chris Parson’s new Parsons Table, Winchester suddenly has a rocking restaurant scene.

UPDATE: Jamie Bissonette told Grub Street that there are no plans to open a Toro or Coppa in Somerville. As I said, looking at a space doesn’t mean anyone’s about to sign a contract (if that were the case, our realtor would like us a whole lot more). But sigh. It would be really nice to see them bring their magic across the river.


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