New Job, New Blog

24 Mar

I got my real start as a food writer back in 2002 when Yankee Magazine miraculously offered me the job of food editor. I had done some writing about food before then, and taken cooking classes here and there. I grew up surrounded by great Italian cooks who made their own ravioli and baked scratch cakes or pies every Sunday. So I wasn’t new to food. But really, when then-editor Michael Carlton offered me the job, it was an act of faith that launched one of the happiest times in my life. Every day was a chance to learn about the things that interested me most. I traveled all over New England, spent one day on a lobster boat, got to visit Marian Burros and Mark Bittman at their homes and watch them cook, got to speak at the Greenbrier symposium. And when I reluctantly left in 2005 to move to California with Scott, I figured I was unlikely to ever find a job that was as good a fit as that one.

I was half-right.

Since then, I’ve had two terrific jobs (three if you count my time as contributing editor at Boston Magazine). But Yankee just holds a special place in my heart. Being back there is a gift.

I’m doing a weekly food blog for them now. Two posts so far: one about the Wenham Tea House and another about South County, Rhode Island and Matunuck oysters.




One Response to “New Job, New Blog”

  1. Glenn Weinstein April 4, 2011 at 6:48 pm #

    Hi Amy
    I am a manager at Big Daddy’s Pizzeria in Brighton Ma, (

    We are a busy and great Pizzeria; we have received awards from the Phantom Gourmet.

    We have hired a Cupcake maker.

    We now sell Cupcakes which are comparable to other great Boston Cupcake makers (kickass, sweets ECT)

    Our cupcakes have 3 important differences

    1. We sell flavors that some other boston cupcak makers don’t ( like black out )

    2 We sell our premium cupcakes for only 1.99 each

    3. We will deliver our cupcakes for our low delivery minimum

    To make our point more emphatically, we would love to deliver you some of our great food.

    Once you eat our food you will realize that we should be considered for your best of awards for pizzas (probably best reasonably priced pizzas since are pizzas are reasonably priced) and cupcakes.

    Thanks for listening

    Glenn Weinstein

    Big Daddy’s Pizzeria-great pizza and great Cupcakes

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