Cider: The Other White Wine

12 Apr

I’m just lazily linking over to a post I did for Yankee last week. It’s a quick look at the totally under-appreciated world of hard cider, inspired by a recent trip to Montreal:

In other news, my publisher is really getting behind The Apple Lover’s Cookbook, which now has it’s own Amazon page and ISBN number (0393065995)!! Wow, wow, wow. You work on something for years and then it’s real and it seems unreal. Norton has ordered a very healthy printing run (or, at least, healthy for first-time author), so if you have any inclination to pre-order the book, it would go a long way toward them deciding that they didn’t make a mistake.

Setting aside the usual anxiety, impostor syndrome, and angst about promoting, there are moments when it feels very good.

We are also dealing with some unrelated stressors: a house about to go on the market (will it sell?), a cat with advanced kidney disease (is this the end?). My energy is completely scattered. But having lived through some Much Bigger Problems, at least we have these in perspective.


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