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Take the Cannoli, Leave the Wait

19 May

As an Italian and a former North Ender, I enjoy a good cannoli enough to head back to the old neighborhood (I’m partial to Modern Pastry for for sentimental reasons, but Maria’s and Mike’s are also good). But the waits! My God, you could make your own pastry in the time it takes to get to the front of the counter.

Fortunately, there are other options near our current house in Cambridge:

1) Modern Pastry, Medford. Same great cannoli, sfogliatelle, and ricotta pie, no lines.

2) Pizzeria Posto, Somerville. Tried these last night, and they’re terrific. Filled fresh, so the shell stays crisp. And the creamy ricotta filling has a nice vanilla kick.

If you know of any other good shops around Boston, let me know…


Sweet nothings?

5 Nov

On Athan’s in Washington Square, Brookline: Love the coffee, like the cafe , don’t get the baked goods. Am I missing something? An appreciation of the finer points of butter cookies and balkava?