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The ultimate summer house 4-ingredient marinade

6 Jul

Is it only foodie types who find extra pleasure in vacation cooking? The unhurriedness of it, the departure from the usual routine and the usual supermarket. Even non-cooks can make an event of boiling water and corn after a day at the beach, or doing burgers on a rental house grill—if only because there are usually extra hands around for clean-up.

Scenes from Hatchs Produce

Scene's from Hatch's Produce

This is especially true if you’re in the habit of visiting a particular vacation spot with some regularity—a habit so ingrained in New Englanders  that the annual family trek to Maine or Cape Cod takes on an air of religious obligation. In the kitchens of our family and (ahem) rental cottages, a Vacation Repertoire emerges—a handful of generally easy-to-make recipes that are unique to the particular time and place. These meals get added to the list of things, like watching the sunset at Duck Harbor Beach or going to the drive-in, that absolutely must happen, lest the whole week be a complete failure.

Or maybe it’s just me who does this?

Anyway, this marinade is my vacation dinner ritual. It’s brilliant because it a) tastes great and b) as the title indicates, requires just four ingredients. Four! That leaves plenty of room in your cooler for the fancy vinegars and Splenda packets and soy milk you insist on schlepping in from home.

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Go fish, go figure

2 Jul

After a very slow, snaking ride down to Wellfleet, we rolled into town around 5pm, unpacked the car, and squeezed in quick dinner before the baby short-circuted. We didn’t have time to wait out the line at Mac’s Shack, so we went to The Juice, a nearby ramshackle spot with good smoothies, so-so pizza, soggy quesadillas…and a shockingly good seared salmon. Crisp-skinned, yet fully moist (not an easy feat, and I’ve seen tonier restaurants try and fail), served with braised bok choy, nicely steamed rice, a terriyaki-inspired sauce, and a kicky nasturtium garnish. It was straight out of 1992, but  easily takes its place among the best fish dishes I’ve had this year.

p.s. Scott says the fish tacos are “not California good, but still really good.”