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The Case of the Unrefrigerated Cheese

24 Jun

Am I the only one who has wondered why Formaggio Kitchen—Best Cheese Shop in the Country™—gets to keep its cheeses outside at room temperature, albeit covered by a film of plastic wrap, when most of the other stores have them refrigerated and cryovacked?

I’ve thought about it every time I’ve gone in there, and finally asked Kurt Gurdal why all the other cheese shops can’t do it. “Is it that they can’t do it or that they don’t want to?” he said.

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What I Did on My Winter Vacation: Tech, pizza, and restaurant edition

8 Jan

First and foreleast, my hard drive crashed. And man, it takes a lot of time to get your digital life back in order.

But! That was not all that happened between eggnog season and now. Incidentally, do you like eggnog? I don’t. But maybe I need to try fancy Cocktail Revival Eggnog.

So after several December trips, including a Hanukkah jaunt to Miami and a holiday party in my hometown, we made our way to Woodstock, Vermont for a week of skiing, snowshoeing, comfort food, and Bananagrams. Pretty much in that order, though the eating and Bananagrams may have superseded the snowshoes. Despite my earlier grumbling, I’m all for comfort food in the proper context. To that end, there was biscuit-topped chicken pot pie, chili and cornbread, and some very tasty pizzas topped with smoked mozzarella from Maplebrook Farm and a sprinkling of gruyere-style Ascutney Mountain from Cobb Hill. Both excellent choices for pie, though the latter is a little pricey and was only used because we were cleaning out the fridge.

Those two cheeses were part of an all-Vermont cheese tasting bonanza, which we conducted over the week. I’ll go into some detail about that in the next post.

Meanwhile, should you find yourself hungry in Woodstock, there are three excellent restaurant/cafe options:

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