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22 Aug

Had a great meal last night at one of their preview dinners. Especially enjoyed the pissaladière, the steak frites, and the almond cake. Parking is free, decor is lovely, very French, and prices are low enough to make this a regular haunt. Good wine list, too, with plenty of bottles that cost less than $40. Also, lots of wines by the glass and carafe, mostly French, bless ’em.

I fear crowds of fabu scene-stealers, but if that keeps the place in business, so be it.

p.s. Car is still in the shop, but it’s finally being worked on. Maybe next week…


Dinner and a doozy

9 Aug

We missed our friends’ wedding last fall, so we thought, hey, let’s take you two lovebirds out for dinner when we get back. They were kind enough to say “Great!” and not, “But isn’t that really giving yourselves…uh, a gift?” They were also too polite to remind me that the groom isn’t really that much of a foodie and maybe tickets to a Sox game would have been better? So off we went to T.W. Foods, which I’ve been anxious to try ever since I heard reports of inventive, ingredient-driven, oh just say it, California-sounding food.

Ingredient-driven food is exactly what we found, which was lovely. Very clean and uncluttered. Food with a point of view. Not, I’m going to load up this plate with foie gras and truffle oil and call it classy. Or, I’ll sedate you with my deep-fried short ribs until you’re too stupid to know better. Or Look! 30 ingredients on a plate! And I’m on a unicycle! This was more like, Eggs and fresh corn are amazing together, especially if you cook the eggs so they set into little curdles. And Did you ever try chocolate with basil? I did, and it works. See? And since our entire meal was locally sourced, there was a subtext about local agriculture and food with sense of place. It was about paying attention to your sense of taste, playing one flavor against another, experiencing ingredients in a new way. And living in Cambridge, and thinking how nice it is to be named Amy and listen to NPR and muse about your sense of taste and your sense of place, and la-la-la farmer’s markets, and what a sucker Alice Waters has made you.

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