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Another Late-Night Round with Jolyon

19 Nov

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From:     Amy Traverso
Date:     November 19, 2009 12:55:36 AM EST
To:     Jolyon Helterman

Catching up on reading, and noticing some seriously late-to-the-game food reporting lately. You?

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From:     Jolyon Helterman
Subject:     Breaking News!
Date:     November 19, 2009 1:14:55 AM EST
To:     Amy Traverso

Scan-It-Yourself: Local Grocery Stores Let Customers Play Cashier!

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From:     Amy Traverso
Subject:    Re: Breaking News!
Date:     November 19, 2009 1:55:36 AM EST
To:     Jolyon Helterman

Pesto: The Next “It” Ingredient!

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From:     Jolyon Helterman
Subject:     Small Plates Go Bigtime
Date:     November 19, 2009 2:14:41 AM EST
To: Amy Traverso

Once upon a time, fickle diners had to content themselves with choosing from amongst a handful of appetizer or starters from the top of the menu. No longer. Local chefs are giving graze-o-philes a  boon with menus full of small plates, or “tapas.”

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From: Amy Traverso
To: Jolyon Helterman
Subject: Re: Small Plates Go Bigtime
Sent: Nov 19, 2009 2:23 AM

Crazy for Cocktails!

Forget the Island Oasis margarita slushies you’ve been drinking up ‘til now: Today’s bartenders are turning out retro elixirs using quality spirits and the freshest mixers. One sip of these sidecars and Cosmos and you’ll be saying, “You’re so money and you don’t even know it!”


Food blogging: The dirty little $ecret.

25 Jul

I chatted recently with a publicist/friend, who mentioned what a Wild West world she’s in now with all these new food bloggers and Twitter kings and Chowhounders and Yelpers weighing in on who’s good and bad and where to find the best lobster roll. Who do you pitch? Who do you follow? It’s a puzzle.

Then she mentioned another phenomenon that made my jaw drop: bloggers who ask for free meals and/or preferential seating and/or last-minute reservations—like one local gal who asked for a free Mother’s Day brunch at a  hotel restaurant—with a promise to write about it afterward. My friend said, “What could I do?”

Oh, this really burns my bacon.

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Cheap eats and other dining deals

1 Jul

The629_cover July issue of Boston magazine hits the stands today, featuring my last big project as food editor. I’m quite proud of how it all turned out—lots of great service for budget-minded diners (plus, tips for how to make the most of the occasional splurge). We even found the best free food in the city. Check it out…

New England Eating rises again

1 Jul

headerSo, back when I lived in California, I started this blog. And when we moved back to Boston, I launched this one, with every intention of continuing what I’d started. But  work and life got in the way, and the blog went dark and gathered dust.

Now I’m a free agent again (thanks, economy!), discovering the perks of of my new gig, and writing for some local and national titles (more on that in the coming weeks).

Now it’s time to put some real muscle behind blog. Because a) it’s fun, b) it fills a niche, c) someone might find it useful, d) I like to write, and e) I can use the tax write-off.

Hope you enjoy it. And, remember, I do take requests. Just leave your dollar in the giant brandy snifter.

A face made for radio

27 Jul

Looks like I’m going to be recording some regular radio spots for WBZ’s “Connoisseur’s Corner” with Jordan Rich. He’s such a nice guy, it’s impossible to be nervous (plus, it’s taped, which takes the pressure off). My first piece aired on July 23, so click over there if you want to have a listen.